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I didn’t really get into massage; it was something I grew up with. My mom became a massage therapist when I was in early elementary school. She began to teach me and my siblings comforting, soothing things we could do through touch since, as kids, you want to be just like mom!

She would work on us when we were hurt. I learned through hands-on experience and listening to her explanations while receiving her care and attention. These lessons were so valuable, I could never have imagined, then, how much.

I became progressively miserable as I advanced in my career in customer support. I became the “go to” person who had to de-escalate situations; to calm upset customers down when things went “wrong”. I struggled with stress, anxiety, and depression. Feeling overwhelmed and overworked. I wanted to be helpful to the world around me and I felt like my empathy and intuition was being wasted where I was. I wasn't moving forward, benefiting society as a whole, solving problems, or engaging in a meaningful way with the people around me. I was merely surviving.

I struggled for a while with how to proceed and found myself ready to move on. I just didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted my life or my future to look like. My “Ah-ha!” moment came one morning when my husband woke up with his hand feeling numb. This was something my mom taught me how to fix when I was younger! In less than five minutes, the numbness was gone. It had been numb for over an hour. At that moment, I realized I had a skill…

That next week, I started night classes, while continuing to work 40 hours a week in my current position in customer support. Before I knew it I finished my classes, took my certifications, and became certified as a massage therapist.

I started my journey as a massage therapist working in a couple of spa environments. I soon realized that even though spa massage is so wonderful and has so many benefits, it left me feeling drained and unfulfilled. I wanted to facilitate recovery from limitations in the body, not just cover up the issue temporarily.

Thus, Pain Recovery Massage Therapy was born! I noticed how hard it is to find goal focused massage. I decided that since that is what gave me the most energy and joy, why not create the business that I was looking to work in. With a clear vision and message, I was able to grow -- and grow we have done!

I knew I could do this! I knew I had the capability, passion, and desire. I cannot be more grateful for the people in my life who have invested in me. I’m overwhelmed with a sense of joy and gratitude for the help I have received. I truly and honestly believe that growing a business is a community experience, I am so grateful for everyone who supports me and my growth. It is a true communal effort of people wanting me to succeed in achieving my goals and desires.
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I grew up in a family where both of my parents were helpers and healers-- my dad being a massage therapist and my mom being a marriage and family therapist, who also practiced massage. Having been exposed to and experiencing massage from a young age, I considered healing touch to be an integral part of day-to-day life.

As a teen, I originally wasn’t interested in following in my father’s footsteps, wanting to pursue other interests in my life and career. However, after structuring my career path to accumulate various useful tools to travel and be able to work wherever I went, I found myself being drawn back to pursuing massage therapy.

A few years after graduating college, my dad was discussing interest in retiring, but he wanted to pass on his knowledge and experience of massage, including some specific techniques he developed, to anyone who was interested in learning and sharing the information.

Knowing that I wanted to start pursuing massage in a larger way, but needing basic training in massage before I could learn more from my dad, I decided to attend a ten-day massage and yoga workshop in Bali, while I was traveling abroad. I loved the whole process and knew that was my new career path.

In September of 2017, I attended ‘A New Beginnings School of Massage’, in Austin, Texas, and got licensed with 550 hours of training by fall of 2018.
Once, I had a background in the basics of massage and human anatomy, I was able to take some additional courses from my dad to better learn his specific techniques.

While I spent over a year working in several spa settings, doing mostly relaxation massage, I really appreciated hearing repeat clients give me positive feedback about the deep tissue and therapeutic work I did with them. I find it much more rewarding to help a client overcome a chronic pain or physical limitation than to just provide a relaxing experience. Out of interest in doing more therapeutic massage, I began working at a chiropractic office, which I feel has been a wonderful learning and growth opportunity.

My interest in massage, paralleling my general sense of purpose in the world, is in helping the most people possible. One of the things I learned while going to massage school was that most massage therapists burn out in 3-5 years, due to how hard it can be on the practitioners’ bodies. As a massage therapist, I absolutely want to be of benefit to my clients, but I also want to help my fellow massage therapists, especially those who feel the negative effects of massage and may be prone to burning out along their career path. If I can teach other massage therapists how to make their practice more sustainable and also benefit their clients with effective massage techniques, that is an ideal solution.

Toward the ultimate goal, helping the most people possible, I am endeavoring to improve and expand my massage practice to benefit my clients and also begin teaching classes and workshops for other massage practitioners. Given our shared interests and goals, I’m excited to be working in collaboration with Violet DeLuna and building our business together.

In our families, growing up learning to help relive pain though touch was a skill quickly developed.

When you're the children of a massage therapists, whose focuses are on helping people to have a better quality of life, those skills are learned early and refined over years of practice.

Massage can be effective and deliver lasting results.